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questions before reInk

Questions before having your inkjet cartridge reInked.

How do inkjet cartridges work?

There are two different ways inkjet cartridges print ink on paper. The first way uses high heat to create a bubble that pushes a miniscule amount of ink out of a small hole in your inkjet cartridge, called a print nozzle, on to the paper. The other method uses vibration to push the ink out of the print nozzle and onto the paper. After the completion of this processes several million times your printed page is complete.

How many times can an inkjet cartridge be reInked?

Most inkjet cartridges can be reInked as many as half-a-dozen times. A few black HP cartridges can be reInked almost a hundred times. To keep your inkjet cartridge in good reInking condition do not run the inkjet cartridge until it is completely out of ink. This can burn out the heater, which prevents us from reInking your cartridge. Make sure to bring the inkjet cartridge in as soon as you start to see streaks in your pages or your color photos appear off-color - one color may run out before the others. However, do not continue to use the cartridge unless all three colors are printing.

Will using reInked cartridges or remanufactured/compatible toner void the printer manufacturer's warranty?

No, using reInked inkjet cartridges will not void the printer manufacturer's warranty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 prevents original manufacturers from, as a condition of the warranty, requiring the use of their inkjet cartridge. Think reInk uses only top quality ink that will not cause damage to your printer.

It is also illegal for a company to tell any customer that the use of a remanufactured or compatible product will void the warranty and/or service agreement. According to Federal Law 93-637, Section 102, Part C (Sherman & Clayton Antitrust Acts), and Title 15 US Chapter 50 Section 2302, it is ILLEGAL for an equipment manufacturer to void a warranty due to the usage of a remanufacutred or compatible imaging supply.

Imagine a car dealer telling you that you need to service your car at their dealership or that you only can use a certain brand of gas, tire, and spark plugs.

How much time does it take to reInk my cartridge?

With our advanced computerized system, it takes from 3 to 15 minutes to reInk an inkjet cartridge that is in good condition.

How do you reInk an inkjet cartridge?

The reInk system is a highly advanced computerized system. This system has been designed after years of research and development. We begin the reInk process by testing the electrical components of your cartridge to make sure they are operational. If not, your cartridge cannot be reInked and is recycled. After the electrical test, your cartridge is tested for proper sealing of the print nozzles. The old ink is removed from your cartridge and then it is cleaned. After the cleaning, your cartridge is filled with new high quality ink to the original cartridge specifications and pressurized. Your cartridge is then used for printing and verified that it prints properly. If all tests pass, the technician labels, signs and dates your cartridge. A protective reusable plastic clip is place over the print head to protect the cartridge. It is then placed in a sealed reusable bag and ready for you to take home.

How is your reInking process different than franchise competitors?

Our process of reInking is drastically different. Some of the franchises physically cut the top off the cartridge, fill the cartridge, and hot glue the top back on the cartridge. This makes it difficult to measure the amount of ink being filled. It also leaves open the possibility that the cartridge top is not resealed resulting in ink running out of the cartridge and worse yet throughout your printer. We reInk your black cartridge by filling through the print nozzles. This means the cartridge itself remains intact. We reInk your color cartridge by inserting a computerized fill vessel into each of the three-color ink chambers.

What can I do to keep my inkjet cartridge in reInkable condition?

We recommend storing your inkjet cartridges with the print head down which will keep the print head moist and in proper working condition. Always bring your inkjet cartridge in to be reInked as soon as possible after removing it from the printer. This will prevent the ink from drying and damaging your cartridge.

Will my cartridge be filled with the same amount of ink as a new cartridge?

Yes. Our system is programmed to fill each cartridge with the same amount of ink as was originally placed in the cartridge at the manufacturer.