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questions after reInk

Questions after having your inkjet cartridge reInked.

How should I care for my reInked cartridge?

You need to remove your cartridge from your vehicle right away. Keep it stored at room temperature and avoid exposure to freezing temperatures or excessive heat. Never touch the electronic print head with any abrasive material. Use care when setting your cartridges down and do not place the print head in contact with any surface besides the printer.

How do I use my reInked cartridge?

You will need to remove the reusable plastic clip from the cartridge and place it into your printer the same as a new cartridge. Refer to your owner’s manual for directions on proper installation of your inkjet cartridge. We then recommend running several color print tests or nozzle cleaning to prime the nozzles of your cartridge. We suggest you keep the reusable clip and bag to bring your cartridge back to Think reInk to be reInked. Clip it and Zip it.

What should I do if I experience problems after installing my reInked cartridge?

Visit our printer troubleshooting section of our website.

How should I bring my cartridge in to be reInked?

We encourage you to place the protective plastic clip we provided you on your cartridge and place in the reusable Think reInk bag for transport to our store.